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1. Thirteen Reasons Why: Full Book Summary - SparkNotes

  • Thirteen Reasons Why follows Clay as he travels around town, with the aid of a map that Hannah created, listening to Hannah's voiceover as she describes the ...

  • A short summary of Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Thirteen Reasons Why.

2. Banned Spotlight: Thirteen Reasons Why

  • Sep 17, 2018 · The novel is a first person narrative told from the perspective of Clay, a high school boy who receives 13 tapes that fellow student Hannah ...

  • September 17, 2018 Betsy Gomez

3. Thirteen Reasons Why - Books - Plugged In

  • While this novel condemns suicide as a poor choice offers suggestions for suicide prevention, it also validates the notion that if a person commits suicide, he ...

  • A girl's death leads to thirteen reasons why she chose to die.

4. 13 Reasons Why | Penguin Random House Higher Education

  • THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES ; WINNER Heartland Award ; Author · Jay Asher's debut YA novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, has appeared regularly on the New York Times bestseller ...

  • The #1 global bestseller is now a Netflix original series. Read the book that started it all!

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  • JAY ASHER's debut novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, a #1 New York Times and international bestseller, has sold over 3 million copies in the United States alone and ...

  • THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERFeaturing cover art from the Netflix original series executive produced by Selena Gomez! “Eerie, beautiful, and devastating.” —Chicago Tribune “A stealthy hit with staying...

6. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher - Penguin Teen

  • THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERFeaturing cover art from the Netflix original series executive produced by Selena Gomez! “Eerie, beau...

7. 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher: 9780451478290

  • By Jay Asher Read by Debra Wiseman and Joel Johnstone · Category: Teen & Young Adult Fiction | Teen & Young Adult Social Issues · Category: Teen & Young Adult ...

  • THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Featuring cover art from the Netflix original series executive produced by Selena Gomez! “Eerie, beautiful, and devastating.” —Chicago...

8. 13 Reasons Why (Paperback) - Walmart.com

  • This book really does make you think about the path not taken and how we are all pieces of each other's lives in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

  • Arrives by Fri, Oct 6 Buy 13 Reasons Why (Paperback) at Walmart.com

9. [PDF] Thirteen Reasons Why

  • The scanning, uploading and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the publisher is illegal and punishable ...


What is the famous line from 13 Reasons Why? ›

"No matter how many reasons there might be why, there are always more why not." — Olivia Baker. Olivia decides to give Clay Hannah's list of "why not" and while she ended up with 11 reasons, Olivia reminds him that there will always be more reasons why not, even if you can't come up with them right away.

What is the most controversial scene in 13 Reasons Why? ›

The graphic scene first aired during the season one finale and showed Langford cutting her wrist with a razor blade before bleeding out in a bathtub.

What is the biggest plot twist in 13 Reasons Why? ›

It turned out to be Justin, who, despite recovering from a heroin addiction, dies after contracting HIV, which develops into AIDS.

What is the problem in the book 13 Reasons Why? ›

Glorifies Suicide

Teen suicide is a very important topic to discuss, but this novel doesn't address the issue correctly. Although Hannah Baker doesn't commit suicide to intentionally get revenge on those who harmed her, the novel introduces the idea of using suicide as a form of revenge.

What was the most famous line? ›

10 most famous quotes of all time
  • "I have a dream." ...
  • "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - ...
  • "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - ...
  • "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." -
May 20, 2022

Was the bathroom scene in 13 Reasons Why deleted? ›

The first series of the show featured a graphic depiction of Hannah (Katherine Langford) taking her own life. The version now hosted on the streaming site omits this three-minute scene and goes directly to a later scene in which her body is discovered.

Was the bathroom scene removed from 13 Reasons Why? ›

Two years after a graphic scene stirred controversy, the streaming service has edited it out of the popular series.

What does the ending of 13 Reasons Why mean? ›

It is then revealed that Justin has contracted AIDS, likely to have developed from his heroin addiction and prostitution when he was younger. Suffering from pneumonia and meningitis, Justin confesses his love to girlfriend Jessica and bids farewell to his friends, before he dies in hugely emotional scenes.

Who is the main killer in 13 Reasons Why? ›

In the end, multiple factors lead to Bryce's death and who was blamed for the crime in the end. Here's what you need to know. Short answer: Alex (Miles Heizer), in a steroid-induced rage, pushed Bryce into the water where he drowned.

What is the moral story of 13 Reasons Why? ›

The show tells the story of Hannah Baker's tragic suicide, with the second season focusing on the fallout, and how the loss affected everyone around her. '13 Reasons Why' teaches important lessons about the effects of bullying, friendship, and our responsibilities to those around us.

Why was Clay a reason Hannah killed herself? ›

At the end of his tape, she explains that Clay is not the reason for her suicide, but that she felt he needed to know the reasons behind why she took her life. Clay is considered to be socially awkward and usually doesn't talk much. He is a very good kid and doesn't usually give into peer pressure.

What mental illness did Clay have on Thirteen Reasons Why? ›

Although Netflix's 13 Reasons Why has prided itself on being a show that sheds light on real-world issues, it has continued to outright ignore a huge issue at its core - Clay Jensen's apparent schizophrenia.

Who was messing with everyone in 13 Reasons Why? ›

When Zach walks into the cabin, Beecher and the rest of the football guys (minus Charlie) end up running out before the mysterious figure tries to go after them again. It isn't revealed until later in the season that it was actually Clay who was behind everything, but he couldn't remember anything due to his anxiety.

What does the first tape say in 13 Reasons Why? ›

When the first tape plays, Clay hears, “Hello, boys and girls. Hannah Baker here. Live and in stereo.” Clay is surprised because Hannah recently killed herself. On the tape, Hannah says that she will be telling her life story and why she took her own life, but that anyone listening to the tapes is one of those reasons.

What did Hannah say to Clay? ›

"Clay, Helmet, your name does not belong on this list," Hannah says in the tape, using her nickname for Clay. "But you need to be here if I'm going to tell my story. If I'm going to explain why I did what I did. Because you aren't every other guy — you're different.

What was Hannah's poem in 13 Reasons Why? ›

In the book, her poem—the very one that Ryan Shaver publishes in the Lost-N-Found Gazette without Hannah's permission—is called "Soul Alone". But on the series, the poem Katherine Langford reads out loud as Hannah is actually penned by Sarah Kay. For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them.

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