25 Aesthetic Room Ideas for a Low-Key Viral Home (2024)

What makes an “aesthetic room”? As far as a precise definition, the jury is still out on TikTok, though Y2K flourishes and #BookshelfWealth are easy ways to achieve an aesthetic look. One thing’s for sure: A truly aesthetic room should be a reflection of its occupant and their unique tastes—whether it’s via muted tones of dreamy pink, a showstopping light fixture, or a maximalist array of objects. “Finding your personal touch is the same way of styling yourself in clothing as it is with furniture,” Olympia Gayot, J.Crew womenswear director, told us last year, and we have to agree, especially when it comes to creating an aesthetic space. To help you find your own look, we rounded up 25 of our favorite aesthetic rooms that are by turns cozy, comfy, and oh-so-easy on the eyes.


Flaunt Your Bookshelf Wealth

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Nothing communicates luxe living like a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf situation, especially when populated with coffee table tomes, back issues of collectible periodicals and magazines, and expertly styled with accessories.


Lacquer Your Ceiling

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An easy to execute (if labor-intensive) home hack: Make your ceilings shine! In this Nick Olsen project, the designer turned a trad interior on its head with a coat of light blue lacquer on the ceiling. The sky’s clearly the limit in this space.


Put Your Inspirations Front and Center

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In the office of J.Crew womenswear director Olympia Gayot, who worked as a portrait painter after studying at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, garments hang from a vintage French iron clothing rack alongside a lo-fi personal touch. It’s a basically a Pinterest board come to life.

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Match Your Walls to Your Sofa

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Whether you have a fancy sectional or a slipcovered couch from Ikea, your sofa is a great way to incorporate a pop of color and texture into any room. Take it to the next level by matching your walls to the seating upholstery, as seen here in the Portugal home of jewelry designer Matthew Harris—especially if you want to make a big impact in a small space.


Be Open to Fun

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Designer Garrett Hunter balanced out the eye-catching lines of this dining set with a an oversized lantern, hand-painted by local Los Angeles artist Jeffrey Cheung. If you’re feeling created, you can DIY your own design.


Celebrate Saturated Hues

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In the dining area of Orior creative director Ciarán McGuigan's Brooklyn apartment, the black round dining table is contrasted by square-framed dining chairs featuring bright blue leather upholstered cushions. Do the same, and your guests just might need to sit down for the big reveal.

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Opt for an Analogous Color Scheme

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Designer Casey Kenyon created a cozy nook in this Manhattan apartment by encasing the sleeping area in glass-paned doors, allowing light to reach further into the space without sacrificing privacy. A monochromatic color scheme ties the look together.


Make Lighting a Focal Point

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Granted, the entirety of Apparatus CEO Gabriel Handifar’s Manhattan apartment is luxurious. But one easy takeaway from the stunning loft space that you could use in your own home? Make lighting a focal point! By incorporating a sculptural fixture by the bedside, the boundaries of the room are defined and accented.


Drape Fabric!

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Gorgeous fabrics are a great way to add personality and texture to any space. But if you can’t afford upholstery or custom curtains? Just drape it! The effect can be studied and elegant, as seen here in a West Hollywood home designed by Andre Herrero of Charlap Hyman & Herrero.

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Incorporate Unexpected Materials

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The kitchen isn’t the only place where you need ample storage. This home office nook in a Miami project by sings, thanks to aluminum cabinetry.


Balance Clean Lines with Raw Edges

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The tailored shape of this bouclé sofa is beautifully offset by a live-edge cocktail table in a SoHo apartment designed by Nicholas Obeid. Complete the look with a gauzy Roman shade and a cream paint job.


Play with Graphic Elements

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Bedding becomes a striking graphic element in the bedroom of this Christian Siriano project. A curvaceous headboard punctuates the space, which is tied together with a muted color palette.

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Keep Things Grounded

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Designer Sarah Zames of the Brooklyn firm General Assembly worked with actor Amanda Seyfried on this Catskills home, outfitting a guest bedroom with cement tiles by Commune. Set into the reclaimed-oak flooring, they work in lieu of an area rug.


Mix Old and New

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Designer Augusta Hoffman mixed eras and inspirations to create this entryway tableau, featuring a Spanish Mission-style sideboard, custom-designed mirror, and contemporary seating by Design Frères.


Keep Organization Front and Center

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Don’t forget that you can have an aesthetic kitchen too! Racks of spice jars and sets of bowls filled with napkins—keeping things organized and at hand was key for designer Mark Grattan, whose Mexico City kitchen features beautiful tile and open shelving.

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Incorporate Statement Plants

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There’s nothing more aesthetic than an oversized arrangement. In the Manhattan home of athletes Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird, the guest room-cum-office is outfitted in wood paneling with a sofa by Flemming Busk. The mini side table is the perfect touch for holding incense.


Consider Unconventional Arrangements

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A sofa in the dining area? Two tables instead of one? Designer Pierre Gonalons made this Paris duplex sing with his custom banquette, twin tables, and chairs in the dining room. You can get the look at home by keeping an eye out for matching sets and pairs.


Match Your Ceiling to Your Flooring

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Designer David Lucido made this L.A. home pop with a taupe ceiling that picks up the earthy tones in the floor tiles. The cocooning effect keeps the focus on the room’s architectural details.

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Paint Your Cabinets

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The firm Studio DB created an eye-catching kitchen nook in this Manhattan apartment. Sliding porthole doors serve a practical purpose, helping to minimize cooking smells, while the cabinet fronts and walls are painted a soothing pale green.


Make a Splash with Your Bedding

25 Aesthetic Room Ideas for a Low-Key Viral Home (20)

Your bed makes a huge statement, so why not make it a bold one? This basement-level bedroom in a Brooklyn project by the firm Civilian packs a huge punch with an orange duvet cover with matching pillow cases.

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Sean Santiago

Deputy Editor

Sean Santiago is ELLE Decor's Deputy Editor, covering news, trends and talents in interior design, hospitality, travel, and luxury. He writes the So Courant! column for the magazine and elledecor.com.

As an expert and enthusiast, I can provide information on various topics, including the concept of an "aesthetic room" mentioned in this article. An aesthetic room is a space that is visually pleasing and reflects the unique tastes and preferences of its occupant. It often incorporates elements such as color schemes, furniture, decor, and lighting to create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.

Here are some concepts mentioned in the article and information related to them:

Y2K Flourishes

Y2K flourishes refer to design elements that evoke a sense of nostalgia for the aesthetics of the late 1990s and early 2000s. This style often includes vibrant colors, bold patterns, and references to popular culture from that era.


BookshelfWealth is a hashtag used on social media platforms like TikTok to showcase aesthetically pleasing bookshelves. It typically involves arranging books, magazines, and other decorative items in an organized and visually appealing manner.

Muted Tones

Muted tones refer to colors that have been desaturated or toned down, resulting in a softer and more subtle appearance. These colors are often used to create a calming and soothing atmosphere in a room.

Maximalist Array of Objects

A maximalist array of objects refers to a style of decor that embraces abundance and incorporates a wide variety of objects, textures, and patterns. It is characterized by a visually rich and eclectic mix of items, creating a sense of depth and visual interest in a room.

Lacquer Your Ceiling

Lacquering the ceiling involves applying a glossy finish to the ceiling surface, which can create a dramatic and luxurious effect. This technique can add depth and visual interest to a room, especially when paired with complementary colors and decor.

Analogous Color Scheme

An analogous color scheme involves using colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. This creates a harmonious and cohesive look in a room. For example, using shades of blue and green or shades of red and orange together.

Statement Plants

Statement plants are large, eye-catching plants that serve as focal points in a room. They can add a touch of nature and bring life to a space, creating a visually striking and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Unexpected Materials

Incorporating unexpected materials in interior design involves using unconventional or unconventional materials in creative ways. This can include using materials like metal, glass, or unconventional textures to add visual interest and uniqueness to a room.

Mixing Old and New

Mixing old and new elements in interior design involves combining vintage or antique pieces with modern or contemporary elements. This juxtaposition creates a visually interesting and eclectic look, adding character and depth to a room.

Lighting as a Focal Point

Making lighting a focal point involves using unique and visually striking light fixtures to draw attention and create a statement in a room. This can include chandeliers, pendant lights, or other decorative lighting fixtures.

These concepts and ideas can help you create an aesthetic room that reflects your personal style and preferences. Remember, the key is to create a space that is visually pleasing and makes you feel comfortable and inspired.

25 Aesthetic Room Ideas for a Low-Key Viral Home (2024)
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