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Spring is a fresh and inspiring season when after a long and sleepy winter we strive for sun, fresh air, staying outdoors and having fun with family and friends. There are many kinds of parties and gatherings that take place in spring – Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, just parties and setting a table with a spring feel is a must. How to do that with style? Let’s find it out.

Colors And Styles

The first thing to do is to choose a decor style for your tablescape: it’s usually the same style as the one you are using for decorating your home but of course you may try some matching styles, too. Modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, vintage, farmhouse and many other styles will be amazing for your tablescape. Then choose a color scheme for your spring tablescape, and here I strongly recommend to rock pastels, which are the most spring-like shades. You may also try monochrome of grey, white and black for Nordic chic and minimalist tablescapes or go for bright colors if you feel like them.

a beautiful spring tablescape with baby's breath, candles, green candles and mustard napkins, elegant glasses

a bright spring tablescape with citrus placemats, striped plates, bold blooms and potted greenery with a calligraphy topper

a bright spring tablescape with yellow tulips, green glasses, woven chargers, neutral plates, green glasses and white orchids

a chic and simple spring tablescape with a striped runner, grey napkins, white and pink blooms and refined glasses

a chic spring tablescape with white blooming branches, candles, white porcelain, simple cutlery and glasses

a cool spring tablescape with color - pink plates, napkins and blooms, greenery and rose gold cutlery is very modern and fresh

a cute and simple Easter tablescape with printed napkins, wood slices with eggs on stands, white blooms, bunnies and faux mini eggs

a cute spring table setting with woven chargers, striped napkins, pink glasses and pink and coral blooms plus candles

a cute spring table setting with woven placemats, a wooden table runner with blooms and greenery, printed napkins and white porcelain

a farmhouse spring tablescape with greenery, white blooms, candles in wooden candleholders, woven placemats and white porcelain

a fresh and pretty spring tablescape with woven placemats, printed napkins, white blooms and citrus drinks is very cool

a fresh spring tablescape with a striped runner, black placemats, white blooms and greenery and white porcelain

a fresh spring tablescape with white blooms and greenery, with fern-printed plates, gold cutlery and green egg holders

a green spring tablescape with greenery and white blooms, printed porcelain and green napkins, gold rimmed glasses and gold cutlery

a lilac or purple and white spring tablescape with purple candleholders and chargers, white blooms in lilac vases and lilac napkins


Choose everything according to the style and color palette you are using. You may rock neutral, pastel or bright linens with various prints – don’t be afraid of them as they make the tablescape eye-catchy. You may go for patterned, plain or colorful porcelain, and glasses can be colored, too, for example, pink or green. Make a centerpiece, a floral one is the easiest idea, sometimes just a vase with blooms and greenery is enough. A greenery centerpiece and little egg holders with wheatgrass will be a nice idea for decorating a modern or Scandinavian tablescape. You may also rock potted greenery and blooms, this is a more sustainable idea to rock, add candles in tall candleholders all around. Candles in various candleholders and even in egg holders to create a mood in the space, and if you are having a dinner party, candles are a must. Spruce up the table setting with cool chargers – woven or wooden ones and voila, your spring tablescape is set!

a modern spring tablescape in pink and green, with a floral centerpiece, green napkins and pink plates plus candles

a monochromatic Easter tablescape with a macrame runner, a wooden box with dyed eggs and lights, striped napkins and black cutlery

a pink spring tablescape with speckled plates, candles in tall candleholders and pink tulips in a vase is a very cool idea

a pretty blush and white spring tablescape with gold cutlery, eucalyptus, pink glasses and pompom napkin rings

a romantic spring tablescape with lots of lilac, pillar candles, printed and white porcelain and white napkins

a rustic green and white Easter tablescape with printed napkins, woven placemats, moss, eggs, bunnies and greenery in tin cans

a rustic spring table setting with an uncovered table, white porcelain, lilac everywhere and fresh lemonade

a simple and bright spring tablescape with a white runner and printed napkins, woven placemats, gold cutlery, neutral and pastel florals

a simple and pretty spring tablescape with woven placemats, plaid napkins, white porcelain, pastel and neutral floral centerpiece

a simple spring tablescape with a striped runner, woven placemats, striped napkins, white tulips and egg holders with grass

a spring brunch tablescape with woven chargers, white porcelain, white cutlery and a yellow and white floral centerpiece

a spring table setting with a striped runner, woven placemats and plaid plates, greenery and white blooms

a spring table setting with pink florals, white and pink plates, green napkins, candles and floral cocktails

a spring tablescape with woven chargers, printed napkins, white porcelain, white blooms and fresh druits plus candles

a stylish spring tablescape with wooden bowls and placemats, simple glasses and a bottle with blooming branches

a vintage spring tablescape with turquoise and yellow vases, matching plates and napkins, lemons and blooms plus a striped runner

an airy spring table setting in white, with pillar candles, blooms, porcelain and a veil over the tablcloth for a light feel

an airy spring tablescape with woven placemats, white porcelain and striped napkins, greenery branches and gold cutlery

an elegant spring brunch tablescape with a pink runner, bold florals, pastel candies and simple cutlery

an elegant spring tablescape with white and pink blooms, candles, pink plates and napkins and refined gold cutlery

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in tablescaping and spring decor, I can confidently provide you with information related to the concepts used in the article. With a depth of knowledge and first-hand expertise, I will help you create a fresh and inspiring spring tablescape that will impress your family and friends.

When it comes to choosing a decor style for your tablescape, it's best to align it with the style you are using to decorate your home. However, don't be afraid to experiment with matching styles that complement each other. Consider modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, vintage, farmhouse, and many other styles that will bring your tablescape to life.

In terms of color schemes, pastels are the most spring-like shades that you should consider rocking. They exude a sense of freshness and vibrancy that perfectly captures the essence of the season. For a more Nordic chic and minimalist look, you can opt for a monochrome palette of grey, white, and black. If you're feeling bold and adventurous, you can also play with bright and vibrant colors to create a lively and energetic atmosphere.

Now, let's delve into the details of the various spring tablescape ideas mentioned in the article. From beautiful baby's breath and elegant glassware to citrus placemats and bold blooms, there are numerous elements you can incorporate into your tablescape to achieve the desired aesthetic. Whether it's a chic and simple arrangement with striped napkins and refined glassware or a modern and fresh display with rose gold cutlery and pink plates, the options are endless.

When it comes to decor, it's important to choose everything according to the style and color palette you've selected. You can opt for neutral, pastel, or bright linens with various prints to add an eye-catching element to your tablescape. Don't shy away from using patterned, plain, or colorful porcelain, and consider using colored glasses, such as pink or green, to add a pop of color.

A centerpiece is essential in completing the look of your tablescape. Floral arrangements are a classic and effortless choice, but a simple vase with blooms and greenery can also create a stunning effect. For a modern or Scandinavian touch, you can incorporate a greenery centerpiece and little egg holders with wheatgrass. Candles are a must for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere, so be sure to place them in various candleholders and even in egg holders for added charm.

To elevate your tablescape, consider using cool chargers such as woven or wooden ones. These small details can make a big difference in the overall aesthetic.

In summary, creating a stylish and captivating spring tablescape requires attention to detail and a keen eye for design. By carefully selecting the decor style, color scheme, and incorporating various elements such as linens, porcelain, glasses, floral arrangements, and candles, you can transform your table into a beautiful and inviting space that captures the essence of the season.

35 Spring Tablescapes For Every Kind Of Party - Shelterness (2024)
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