4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (2024)

Spring is just around the corner! Before long, the flowers will be blooming and many of us will be celebrating the spring holidays….and maybe even hosting a few dinners. So, if you’re looking for colorful spring table setting ideas, I have some inspiration for you! Today, I’m sharing 4 cheerful spring tablescapes featuring green cabbage leaf salad plates!

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4 Spring Tablescapes with Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates:

A Simple Accessory to Add Some Green to Your Spring Table…

If you love green cabbage dinnerware but you don’t want to buy a whole new set of dishes, consider purchasing just the salad plates. That way, you’ll get the classic look at a fraction of the price. When decorating your table, layer the cabbage leaf salad plates with white or coordinating dishes and you’ll be ready for spring entertaining. For inspiration, take a look at my 4 spring table examples below!

1 – Garden Inspired Spring Tablescape with Green Cabbage Plates:

When decorating a spring table, you can’t go wrong with a garden theme!

For this spring tablescape, I pulled my color scheme from my vintage flower embroidered napkins. From there, I bought a bouquet of grocery store flowers, arranged them in a galvanized milk can and flanked it with two containers of faux greenery. To complete the simple centerpiece, I set the containers on a window pane mirror. Not only did the mirror reflect the light but also gave the feel of looking outside to a garden.

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (2)

similar galvanized milk can /similar galvanized planters

For each of the place settings, I used blue and white striped placemats topped with galvanized chargers to coordinate with the spring centerpiece. From there, I layered my white plates with the green cabbage leaf salad plates on top.

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (3)

galvanized metal charger /similar salad plates

To finish the plate stacks, I placed the floral embroidered napkins on each place setting.

For more photos of this spring tablescape with details of my napkins, read – Simple Spring Tablescape with Flowers.

2 – Easter Tablescape with Green Cabbage Leaf Plates:

Embrace spring by mixing pink and green on your Easter tablescape.

On this spring tablescape, I layered my green cabbage salad plates over my white dinner plates. Then, I topped each place setting with pink gingham napkins rolled up in my white ceramic bunny napkin rings. How cute are those?!

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (4)

similar napkin rings /similar gingham napkins /similar green plates /white dishes

In addition to the cabbage leaf salad plates, I also added some cute cabbage ware bowls with bunnies to the center of the table. Instead of going with fresh flowers this time, I filled a white pitcher with pink faux flowers. Although the height of the flowers might not be ideal for a dinner party, I liked the way they made a statement on an otherwise simple table.

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (5)

With a few containers of Easter eggs, some textures from the burlap table runner and seagrass placemats, this Easter table was ready for guests!

To see all the details of this spring tablescape, see my blog post – Simple and Festive Easter Table Setting with Bunnies.

3 – Dining Room Easter Table with China and Cabbage Plates:

For another colorful Easter tablescape, let’s head into the dining room…

If you need an excuse to decorate with blue willow dishes, consider mixing them with green cabbage plates for a fresh spring color palette! Since our dining room is navy blue, I really embraced that color combination on my spring tablescape.

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (6)

Speaking of color, I also filled a blue and white vase with pink faux cherry blossoms for my centerpiece. In place of a table runner, I used faux palm leaves and scattered some some pink and green Easter eggs on top. In the distance, you can see more pops of color on my spring bar cart.

When setting my dining room table, I sometimes use a white tablecloth. This time, I went with white napkins between the plates and opted to show the wood tabletop instead.

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (7)

similar green plates

On top the green leaf salad plates, I placed bird’s nests with eggs to complete the Easter theme. As another option, you could always print up some simple Easter place cards to use instead. After all, Easter dinner is a special occasion so why not personalize each place setting?

For more photos of this spring tablescape along with additional Easter decorating ideas, read – Festive Easter Decorations (Ideas for Tables and Vignettes).

4 – Outdoor Spring Tablescape with Green Cabbage Leaf Plates:

With the arrival of spring, comes al fresco dining season!

If you’re like me, you look for any excuse to dine outdoors! When I set this spring tablescape, I had the tropics in mind. So, I decorated my patio table with bright colors and a British Colonial style. Once again, I embraced the blue and green color scheme and added a bunch of ginger jars filled with faux palm leaves for the spring centerpiece.

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (8)

To add to the island feel, I decorated with plenty of rattan, seagrass and cane pieces…and of course the green cabbage leaf salad plates. Once more, I layered the green plates over my white dishes. Then, I topped them off with a navy blue napkin rolled inside a homemade tropical style napkin ring. One of these days, I’ll buy some bamboo flatware to complete the look!

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (9)

similar green plates /exact white dishes /similar white dishes /similar seagrass placemats

Once again, the green leaf plates made a statement on each place setting and coordinated with all the greenery in the centerpiece.

To see more photos of this outdoor spring table setting, read – Mother’s Day Table Setting Outdoors.

Hopefully, I’ve given you plenty of ideas to decorate your own spring tablescape…with green cabbage plates!

Shop the look:

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (10)

What are your favorite dishes to use for spring tablescapes?

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (11)

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4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (12)

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (13)

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1. Spring Tablescapes: A tablescape refers to the arrangement and decoration of a table, typically for special occasions or events. In the context of the article, it focuses on creating spring-themed table settings.

2. Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates: Cabbage leaf salad plates are dinnerware plates designed to resemble the shape and texture of cabbage leaves. They add a fresh and vibrant element to the table setting.

3. Layering: Layering involves placing different elements on top of each other to create depth and visual interest. In the context of table settings, layering can involve stacking plates, napkins, placemats, and other decorative elements.

4. Color Scheme: A color scheme refers to a selection of colors used in a particular design or setting. The article suggests using green, pink, and blue as the primary colors for the spring table settings.

5. Centerpiece: A centerpiece is a decorative arrangement placed in the center of a table. In the article, various centerpieces are mentioned, including flower bouquets, galvanized milk cans, white pitchers with faux flowers, and ginger jars with faux palm leaves.

6. Napkins and Napkin Rings: Napkins are used for personal hygiene during a meal, and napkin rings are decorative holders that keep the napkins neatly rolled or folded. The article mentions using floral embroidered napkins, pink gingham napkins, and white ceramic bunny napkin rings.

7. Table Runners and Placemats: Table runners are long pieces of fabric placed lengthwise across a table, while placemats are smaller mats used to set individual place settings. The article mentions using burlap table runners, seagrass placemats, and blue and white striped placemats.

8. Color Coordination: Color coordination involves selecting or arranging colors that complement or harmonize with each other. In the article, there are references to coordinating colors such as green cabbage plates with white dishes, blue and white chargers with blue willow dishes, and pink gingham napkins with pink faux flowers.

9. Easter Theme: The article includes table settings with an Easter theme, incorporating elements such as bunnies, Easter eggs, and pastel colors. These elements contribute to a festive and celebratory atmosphere.

10. Outdoor Dining: The article also discusses creating spring tablescapes for outdoor dining. It mentions using bright colors, British Colonial-style decor, and incorporating natural elements like rattan, seagrass, and cane pieces.

These concepts mentioned in the article provide inspiration and ideas for creating colorful and festive spring table settings using green cabbage leaf salad plates.

4 Cheerful Spring Tablescapes (Ideas Using Cabbage Leaf Salad Plates) (2024)
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