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Pablois the youngest of The Backyardigans; a yellow-beaked bluepenguinwearing a blue bow tie and a blue and yellow propellerbeanie, is the one who most often has the ideas and tends to be the most excitable of the group. He is best friends with Tyrone. Due to his energy and impetuousness, he takes the lead in many situations, but often goes into a "panic attack" when he faces an obstacle, running around in circles flapping his flippers and telling everyone not to panic until someone interrupts him to propose a solution by calling his name and then shouting it, at which point he stops, turns to the character and asks "Yeah?". The number of panic attacks decreased considerably after the first season, though in the Fourth Season episodeThe Flipper!his propensity for getting overexcited is actually a major point of the episode. Pablo appears in every episode with the exception ofChichen-Itza Pizza.

Speaking voice: Zach Tyler Eisen (Season 1) and Jake Goldberg (Seasons 2-4)
Singing voice: Sean Curley (Seasons 1-4)
Dancer: Tasha Cooper (Seasons 1-3) and Steven Konopelski (Seasons 3-4) Other dancers: Jonathan Sandler (Season 3) & Paul Flanagan (Season 4)

Pablo can be considered the show'sbreakout character.

Uniqua[edit]A curious, self-confident and high-spirited pink character (the series uses the name "Uniqua" for both the character and her species). She is the second-youngest of the group.[citation needed]She wears pink polka-dottedoverallsand has a pair of swirlyantennaeon top of her head. Uniqua is very sweet and friendly, though her strong opinions and occasional stubbornness get in the way of her relationships. While imagining herself having the roles that require brains and fortitude (such as scientist, pirate captain) and despite her love of books (as seen in episodes such as "The Masked Retriever"), she is more tomboyish than her friend, Tasha.

Uniqua is the only character to appear in every episode of the series.

CreatorJanice Burgessdescribes Uniqua as 'the child she wishes she was like as child'.[4]She has been called simply "Uniqua, the pink" inKnights Are Brave And Strong.

Speaking voice:LaShawn Tináh Jefferies(Seasons 1-4)
Singing voice:Jamia Simone Nash(Seasons 1-3) and Avion Baker (Season 4)
Dancer: Hattie May Williams (Seasons 1-4)

Tyrone[edit]A good-natured, but somewhat fearful,red-hairedorangemooseand wears a red and blue striped long-sleeved shirt and Pablo's best friend. He is the oldest. He is almost his complete opposite in terms of personality despite his laid-back and cool-headed character and being known for his ironic comments (one of them being "That certainly was/is convenient/inconvenient"). At the end of every episode, he remarks, "That was an excellent(type)adventure, don't you think?" although Pablo, Austin, and Tasha take over for his absence. As to being Pablo's best friend, they appear on opposing sides occasionally, such asInternational Super Spy,The Action Elves Save Christmas Eve, andBlazing Paddles.

Despite not appearing to wear trousers (except on rare occasions, such as "Who Goes There?", and "Race Around the World"), Tyrone somehow manages to put his hands in his pockets.

Speaking voice: Reginald Davis, Jr. (Seasons 1-2),Jordan Coleman(Seasons 2-3) and Chris Grant, Jr. (Season 4)
Singing voice:Corwin C. Tuggles(Season 1),Leon G. Thomas III(Seasons 2-3), Dimani Roberts (Season 3) andTyrel Jackson Williams(Seasons 3-4)
Dancer: Greg Sinacori (Seasons 1-4) Other Dancers: Andrew Cao (Season 3)

Austin[edit]A shy, but fun-loving purplekangaroo. He is the middle child. Though generally shy in the first season, due to recently moving in the neighborhood, Austin starts to come out of his shell as he is revealed to be smart, friendly, and imaginative. He rarely appears in the spotlight, but takes the role of the lead character in some episodes. He is the third oldest of the group. Says Bogush: "Austin's usually the one pulling up the rear. He's kind of a get-along guy."[3]

While usually friendly, Austin can act out on his grumpy side in a while, such as the episodesHigh TeaandThe Magic Skateboard. Austin's roles usually start as heroic in the first season, but becomes a little more villainous inThe Masked RetrieverandFlower Power.

InThe Secret of Snow, it seems that every Backyardigan but him appeared only in a Red Snow story hardcover book and not in the real animated world (the book was narrated by him during the episode). Austin also appears in the book, but unlike the others appears in the real Backyardigan world. It is unknown where the others actually were throughout the episode, but it is likely that they were at their own homes. This is the only time that only one of the real Backyardigans appeared in an episode.

Speaking voice:Jonah Bobo(Seasons 1-4)
Singing voice: Thomas Sharkey (Seasons 1-3) and Nicholas Barasch (Season 4)
Dancer: Kristen Frost (Seasons 1-4)

Tasha[edit]A strong-willed yellowhippopotamuswho is the second oldest, and wears an orange flowered dress and red shoes. Out of all the main characters, she is the only one who wears shoes all the time (except in her mermaid form). She is a sweet girl on the outside, but is more rational, likes to get her own way and isn't easy to fool. She is the most serious, although she is just as silly from time to time. From the second season onwards, she has a more muscular appearance than the other characters. She tends to be grumpy if she is not the boss. Her catchphrase is "oh for goodness sakes!"

Speaking Voice:Naelee Rae(Seasons 1-2) andGianna Bruzzesse(Seasons 3-4)
Singing Voice:Kristin Klabunde(Seasons 1-3) and Gabriella Malek (Seasons 3-4)
Dancer: Darlene Dirstine (Seasons 1-3) and Amanda Ulibarri (Season 4)

Dragons[edit]Dragons appear inTale of the Mighty Knights,Dragon Express, andTale of the Not-so-nice Dragon. Four Dragons are mentoried:Dragon voiced by Adam Pascal and Oliver Wyman to quack like a duck, Not-So-Nice Dragon (Judas) is child and act like a childhood, Malverick and Windy(Wendy on the DVD Join the Adventures Club and The Backyardigans Theme Song)

backyardagains (2024)


Is Austin from Backyardigans autistic? ›

His actor is an autistic comedian, actor, and author. Also ofc just the way he acts. Honestly as an autistic person I see Austin as autistic, he reminds me a lot of me as a kid but with more anger issues.

Why was Backyardigans discontinued? ›

A fifth season was planned in 2009. However, in 2010, Janice Burgess decided to end The Backyardigans to start working on Nickelodeon's newer projects: a revival series of Winx Club. Burgess brought the former Backyardigans crew onto Winx Club as well.

Why is Uniqua in every episode? ›

In an interview, the show's creator Janice Burgess said that Uniqua was based on herself: "Uniqua is me. Or at least who I was as a kid. She's a ringleader. Out of the five, Uniqua is the main character, and we use her in every story."

What kind of animal is Uniqua? ›

Uniqua is both her name and her species. She's not meant to be a real animal, she's unique. Uniqua from the children's animated television series "The Backyardigans" is a unique and imaginative creature that doesn't correspond to any specific real-world animal.

Is Uniqua a girl? ›

Uniqua is a one-of-a-kind character with an adventurous nature—Uniqua is not only her name, it's also her species. With her purple skin, pink spots and dainty antennae, she doesn't look like any other creature on the planet.

Is Marcy Wu autistic? ›

Canon Confirmation

Initially, during an AMA on Reddit, series creator Matt Braly stated that Marcy was not created with autism in mind. However, later on Twitter, the Amphibia crew confirmed Marcy to be autistic.

What caused Janice Burgess' death? ›

Burgess died in hospice care in Manhattan on March 2, 2024, one day after her 72nd birthday. She was diagnosed with breast cancer prior to her death.

Who is the oldest Backyardigan? ›

Tyrone[edit]A good-natured, but somewhat fearful, red-haired orange moose and wears a red and blue striped long-sleeved shirt and Pablo's best friend. He is the oldest.

What animal is Tyrone from The Backyardigans? ›

Tyrone is an anthropomorphic moose and the tritagonist of The Backyardigans.

Are Tasha and Uniqua sisters? ›

The Luau Brothers (Pablo, Tyrone, and Austin) must give the Volcano Sisters (Tasha and Uniqua) a special gift so they don't ruin the boys' luau. Songs include: We Love a Luau, We're Glad, and more.

Is Uniqua a boy? ›

If you are looking for a unique baby name, then Uniqua is perfect for you. Meaning “unique” and “only one,” this Latin name is traditionally used for girls. Set your little one apart from the rest with this one-of-a-kind namesake.

Who is Pablo's best friend in Backyardigans? ›

Tyrone is an easy-going, sensible young moose, who is also Pablo's best friend. Tyrone is a deep thinker, which may make him seem a master of the obvious sometimes.

When did The Backyardigans end? ›

The show's final premieres aired in July 2013, when four episodes of season four debuted on the Nick Jr. Channel as part of a special event. The last episode to air was "Pablor and the Acorns", on July 12, 2013.

Who is the purple character in The Backyardigans? ›

Austin is a purple kangaroo and a major character in The Backyardigans. He was voiced by Jonah Bobo who also portrayed Danny in Zathura. His singing voice was provided by Thomas Sharkey for the first 3 seasons and by Nicholas Barasch for the 4th and final season.

Who is the hippo girl in Backyardigans? ›

Tasha is a yellow-skinned hippo with a red-pink tongue and two nostrils above her mouth. She wears a pair of red Mary-Janes and an orange dress with 8 light-orange flowers printed on it in random spots.

Which cartoon character has autism? ›

Julia – Sesame Street

Julia may be many children's first introduction to an autistic TV character. Introduced in a Sesame Street comic in 2015, Julia quickly leaped to the television screen and was quickly identified to audiences as the first autistic character in the show's history.

What cartoon characters are autistic coded? ›

Another common way to “other” is to use autism coding. Popular examples of autistic coded characters include Sheldon Cooper (Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory), Donnatello (Teenage Ninja Turtles), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Wednesday Addams (Wednesday), and many more.

What is Austin from Backyardigans supposed to be? ›

Austin is a purple kangaroo and a major character in The Backyardigans. He was voiced by Jonah Bobo who also portrayed Danny in Zathura. His singing voice was provided by Thomas Sharkey for the first 3 seasons and by Nicholas Barasch for the 4th and final season.

Are there any autistic anime characters? ›

Azumanga Daioh, Spy X Family, and With the Light provide powerful exceptions to that. These anime and manga characters are among the most positive and affirming depictions of autism in all Pop Culture, period. That's why anime's best portrayals of autism proves what makes the medium so special.

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