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You may be busy dreaming up your bedroom or living room ideas to design your dream home—what about the front porch of your house? This particular space is an extension of your house and needs your attention too. Not to forget, the porch is the first corner of your house your guests see when they arrive making it doubly important. Keeping that in mind, we’ve put together the best front porch design ideas for your home!

Remember Amanda’s wrap-around porch in the movie The Holiday? Or the elegant white house from The Notebook? While we may not have Ryan Gosling to build one for you, we have the best front porch design ideas to get you inspired. These picturesque porches could host an outdoor oasis. These porch designs have got everything to impress you from comfortable swings and lights to a perfect colour scheme and decor pieces. Just grab your favourite read, a hot cup of coffee, and you have a getaway right outside your front door.

Check out these stunning porch design ideas for your home.

An Entrance Worthy Of A King

Doesn’t this porch remind you of stately heritage homes and palaces? This front porch is welcoming, luxurious, elegant, and royal all at once. Warm wooden furniture pieces, wooden ceiling, elaborate wrought iron lights and golden accents, binds this porch design to perfection. Not to mention, the comfortable swing steals the show! If you wish to bring back old world charm to your house then your search ends here! If you are a little tight on space, eliminate a few elements from this stunning setting. Just add the swing or the settee maybe? Don’t forget to add a touch of nature with indoor plants!

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Your Home Needs A Prismatic Porch

Here is an infamous quote by Amy Leigh Mercree, ”The world needs your prismatic soul!” Your home needs a prismatic porch too just like this colourful design. A yellow painted front door offsets a monochromatic colour palette. Hints of light-wood, turquoise and floral upholstery with potted plants make this porch look like a fun beach vacation! Additional accents like a chandelier, wall-mounted lamps and paintings add a warm and inviting feel to this front porch design.

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Small House? Don’t Let It Disappoint You

Don’t be disappointed if you have a small porch. You can still spruce it up! Steal this porch design idea that has a comfortable pouffe, a built-in rack, a swing, indoor plants and your favourite book is all it takes! Consider adding backlights in your rack for a luxe look. You can also add shutters or drapes to make it a cosier corner.

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An Artistic A-Porch!

An artistic porch design with mosaic floor tiles will personalise your home’s entrance just enough. Take a look at this porch design, where the potted plants add greenery and a bold yellow armchair adds a much-needed pop of colour to this porch. The excellent pair of intricate porch lights complete the look. If you like the idea of patterned tiles to your porch there are a plethora of tile designs readily available in the market. Look for a design that matches the colour scheme and the vibe of your home.

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Summer, Winter Or Spring I Need My Swing

This is for everyone who loves to swing! This porch is designed in such a way that it can be updated seasonally. Meaning, for a refreshing summery look you can replace all dark colours with whites and neutrals as shown in this image. In winter add a throw blanket or a comforter, more cushions, and perhaps a stove bonfire to make it cosier. The one thing that’s a constant here is the comfortable swing.

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A Midsummer Dream

A perfect set-up for a fun chat session after an afternoon siesta! This porch design is a perfect little spot for you to unwind on a summer evening. A white hammock, throw pillows, and a wicker chair makes it a great spot to entertain. Pendant lights and fairy lights highlight the accents in this chic and cosy front porch design.

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Theme Up!

How about you design a porch of your dreams and passion? Incorporating a theme to give your porch design a feeling of a particular place. Like this nautical themed porch lends a beachy vibe to it. The design includes nautical decor and accents such as the surfboard against the wall, tubes and a ship’s wheel. Don’t you feel like you’re cruising on smooth waters? And the pleasant colour scheme of white and blue with hints of light wood makes this front porch design feel like you’re on a permanent seaside holiday!

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Chimes Of Your Life…On Your Front Porch Design

This front porch design feels like a warm hug on a winter night. The snow-white wall, sofa, wooden swing and an antique-looking wind chime makes it a perfect porch to unwind. If you prefer simple, classic design and not something bold or over the top this elegant design will win your heart.

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Keep It Plain And Stylish

This modern, chic and minimalist porch design is a perfect fit if you believe that less is more! This design features a pergola, a comfortable couch, and an armchair with a footrest. The accent complements the overall colour scheme of this home’s exteriors. A sophisticated design like this works well in a villa or an independent home. However, it can be customised for a small apartment as well if you eliminate a few pieces.

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Give your front porch the attention it deserves! Take a cue from one of these designs, redecorate your front porch or choose your favourite one.

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