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4. Louise Touchstone Bell Obituary - Hattiesburg American

  • Louise T. Bell, 88, after a full and wonderful life, peacefully left for her eternal home with Jesus on Nov. 20, 2023. The second of three children, ...

  • USM's Karen Waldrup sings with Dan + Shay on 'The Voice' season finale

5. Helen Day Falkenhagen Obituary, Galv News, 26 Sep 1995, pg 4.

  • 26 sep 1995 · Helen Day Falkenhagen GALVESTON — Helen Day Falkenhagen, age 69. passed away Monday, September 25, 1995 at her home in Galveston.

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  • Clipping found in The Galveston Daily News published in Galveston, Texas on 9/26/1995. Helen Day Falkenhagen Obituary, Galv News, 26 Sep 1995, pg 4.


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7. Santa Fe: Man no-billed in self-defense shooting

  • 20 mrt 2010 · In October 2009, one Robert Ott of Santa Fe fatally shot Michael Wayne Hansen, who had reportedly drawn a weapon on him in front of his home ...


8. Kay Potts (1942-2024) | Obituary - We Remember

  • link logo. J. LEVY & TERMINI FUNERAL HOME. link logo. Galveston County Daily News. SHOW MORE. Memories. Gallery. Guestbook. Memories.

  • View and share memories about Kay Files Potts. Join us in celebrating Kay—please share your stories and photos, and help spread the word about this page!

Galvnews Obituary (2024)
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