Great Horned Owl Call (2023)

1. Great Horned Owl Vocalizations - International Owl Center

  • Most people know that Great Horned Owls hoot. But most don't realize that there are several types of hoots, plus a variety of chitters, squawks, hisses, ...

  • Listen to nearly the complete vocal repertoire of the Great Horned Owl from the people who are studying them.

2. Loud Great Horned Owl at 1:30am | By Fountain Hills Birding ID Guide

  • Nov 23, 2020 · Adults make an array of other sounds, including whistles, barks, shrieks, hisses, coos, and wavering cries. OTHER SOUNDS Great Horned Owls snap ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

    (Video) Great horned owl call from big forest!

3. Great Horned Owl Calls, Hoots, Sounds (w/ AUDIO clips)

  • Males give deep, low, booming sounds – “Hoo-hoo hooooo hoo-hoo” – which can be heard several miles away. Females also hoot, but the calls are noticeably higher ...

  • What do the calls of a Great Horned Owl sound like? In this post, you will learn HOW to identify the common noises that these owls make!

4. Owl Sounds: Not Just Hooters - Buffalo Bill Center of the West

  • Feb 9, 2022 · Great Horned Owls are typically hooters. But, like other owls, it isn't their only sound. They may also scream, do a cat-like MEEE-Owww, bark, ...

    (Video) Great Horned Owl hoot

  • This blog describes sounds from a few owl species, as well as offering you sound bites to listen to, along with links to further owl sounds.

5. Voices and Vocabularies - Great Horned Owls - BirdNote

  • Great Horned Owls have a lot to say! When a pair of Great Horned Owls calls in a duet, the female usually hoots first, and the male replies at a lower pitch ...

  • Listen. There may be a Great Horned Owl near you!

    (Video) Animal Expert Jarod Miller: Great Horned Owl & Crocodile | Late Night with Conan O’Brien

6. Wildlife Ecology: Owl Call Multi Media Page - MCOE eLearn

  • Great Horned Owls advertise their territories with deep, soft hoots with a stuttering rhythm: hoo-h'HOO-hoo-hoo. The male and female of a breeding pair may ...

7. Can You Recognize the Call of a Great Horned Owl? | Audubon

  • Apr 30, 2018 · Great Horned Owls may also pierce the darkness with an eerie shriek, which may signal a hungry owlet begging for food or a female defending its ...

  • It's as distinctive as those big ear tufts.

    (Video) Great Horned Owl Sounds and Calls - Have you heard this owl hooting before?

8. Know Your Nocturnal Neighbors: Nine Owl Sounds to Listen For | ABC

  • Sep 30, 2021 · If you've heard an owl call during a TV show or movie, it's probably a Great Horned Owl sound. This is the quintessential hooting owl of the ...

  • There’s more to owl sounds than just “hoo, hoo.” Each species of owl has its own unique call — sometimes more than one. Learn how to identify them.


What does a Great Horned Owl call say? ›

Great Horned Owls advertise their territories with deep, soft hoots with a stuttering rhythm: hoo-h'HOO-hoo-hoo. The male and female of a breeding pair may perform a duet of alternating calls, with the female's voice recognizably higher in pitch than the male's.

Do owls respond to calls? ›

Most owls respond to prerecorded calls, especially during the breeding season,” Beveroth said. “Sometimes, in response to a recorded call, barred owls, usually a male and female, can be heard caterwauling (hooting loudly) to each other.

What does it mean when you hear a Great Horned Owl? ›

Bird scientists will tell you that great horned owls hoot for several reasons. Primarily the nighttime hooting is a territorial claim notifying intruders they are in the owl's territory. Hoots can also signal to other owls that there is danger such as a predator close by, or it might be mated pairs communicating.

What time of year do Great Horned Owls call? ›

In fact, Great Horned Owls never shut up. Winter, spring, summer...they are always calling for some reason. But in many ways they are easier to hear on cold, crisp nights, when their sounds aren't dampened by summer foliage or drowned out by the blaring of crickets and the neighbor's wild parties.

How do you remember the Great Horned Owl call? ›

Great Horned Owl- “Who's Awake? Me too” Carolina Chickadee- “chk-a-dee-dee-dee” Northern Cardinal- “Cheer- cheer-cheer-purty-purty-purty”

What is the saying if you hoot with the owls? ›

"You can't soar with the eagles in the morning if you hoot with the owls at night." He was right.

How far away can you hear an owl call? ›

Most owl hoots can be heard from a quarter mile away. However, the Great Horned Owls' call can be heard miles away if the night is still.

What happens if an owl calls your name? ›

The title comes, specifically, from the native belief that when a person hears an owl call their name, which the young vicar does in due course, it means you do not have long to live. Owls have long been associated with the shadows, with night and with death.

What happens if you hear an owl's call in the middle of the night? ›

In many cultures, it is said that if you see an owl or hear its distinctive call, it is a sign of bad luck and impending doom. Some traditions say that if you see an owl at night or if it appears in your home or village instead of a darker, wilder environment, it is a sign that something terrible is about to happen.

Is hearing an owl good or bad luck? ›

Owls have also long been viewed as harbingers of bad luck and even death. One myth tells us that bad luck will befall anyone who hears an owl hoot three times. Another wild myth claims that owls are the only creatures that can live with ghosts.

How good is a great horned owls hearing? ›

Their sense of hearing is so acute that they can detect a mouse stepping on a twig from a distance of 75 feet (23 meters). Their eyes are so large that they cannot move them back and forth like humans—instead they must turn their heads.

Is it good to have owls around your house? ›

Owls benefit gardens by naturally tamping down rodent populations. Owls catch and eat mice, rats, voles, shrews, and other small animals. Some large owls even target skunks.

How long do Great Horned Owls stay in one area? ›

Great Horned Owls are monogamous and members of a pair often remain on the same territory year round. Pairs may stay together for at least five years, perhaps for life.

How far can you hear a Great Horned Owl call? ›

The Great Horned Owls' call sound like “Hoo HooHoooooo HooHoo” The sounds can be heard miles away in a still night.

Where do Great Horned Owls go during the day? ›

Great horned owls will usually perch or roost during the day in a protected area such as a tree limb or rocky overhang. When awake and hunting they use their excellent ability to hear to catch their prey. This is aided by excellent eyesight and the fact that they make little-to-no noise when they fly.

Which owl says who cooks for you? ›

Barred Owls have a distinctive hooting call of 8–9 notes, described as “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?” This call carries well through the woods and is fairly easy to imitate.

What are some sayings using the word owl? ›

"The wailing owl screams solitary to the mournful moon." "Do not trap yourself into an owl's hooting sound where sad nights linger through the blackness of a hound." "The owl flies, in the moonlight, over a field where the wounded cry out. Like the owl, I fly in the night over my own misfortune."

What are some phrases about owls? ›

Get Well Owls
  • Everything Will Be Owl Right.
  • Owl Be There.
  • Glide Through the Dark Times.
  • It's Not How You Look, It's Whooo You Are.
  • Owl Always Be Here If You Need Me.
Feb 9, 2020

Why do Great Horned Owls call at night? ›

Owls hoot, scream, and call out at night for the same reason birds chirp and sing: to establish and protect their territory, to woo females, and to signal the presence of a predator, among other reasons. The only reason they're so vocal in the dark is because most owls are nocturnal or at least crepuscular.


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