It Waits Until You Fall Asleep.. (2023)



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In this episode, Parker and Chester attempt to investigate a situation for a girl named Olivia, who claims she has a stalker outside of her house. Upon arriving to investigate, Parker and Chester discover the situation to be a lot sketchier than they imagined.

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Why do you think it's right for us to get involved with this girl's stalker? Who are you she looked messed up? I think she came from the woods.

Why do you keep bringing up the woods because I think there's something dangerous out there dude just drop it we're trying to focus on what's going on inside of this house? What's happening, hello, lux army, let's match 100 000 likes for the next episode to be released.

So for this episode we received an email from a girl named olivia who thinks she has a stalker staying outside of her house.

Olivia says she feels unsafe because she currently lives alone, because all of her roommates recently went missing.

She also says that often when she looks outside at night, she sees a creepy looking old lady in the woods who keeps asking to come inside.

She sent us this video for proof.

So tonight we're going to drive to olivia's house and try to find out who's been stalking her, but first a quick word from us: okay, chester, remember what mom said.

If someone makes fun of you they're just insecure about themselves, I am holy sh yo.

Everyone look at that.

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Okay, so we're driving right now, heading to olivia's house uh.

How are you feeling about this chester bro that video she sent us was creepy? Why do you think it's right for us to get involved with this girl's? Stalker uh? I don't think it's right, but olivia is all alone right now and scared.

So I don't see how her being scared is our problem dude just admit that you're attracted to her okay yeah, I mean, from her photos she's clearly an attractive girl, but I don't understand how her appearance could affect my decision to help her bro.

This area looks sketchy.

We're in the middle of the woods dude, it's all right.

Let's just go inside come on.

Okay, chester come on what are you doing? We gotta go bro.

There's a girl here, dude come on dude.

What is she doing there? I don't know we gotta go knock! Okay, come on okay, it's knocking her door, orange um, hi, we're here for olivia.

Is she home yeah, I'm olivia? I catfished you dude! What's going on, sir? Listen, we just drove all the way here for olivia.

Is she here or not? Nah she's? Not here, I'm olivia.

I catfished you dude.

This is weird.

Is this some type of trick? No! No! Listen! I think I'm being stalked by this weird old lady.

I need you guys help just come in all right uh.

I guess we can come in and talk.

Let's go.

I appreciate it.

Fellas come on in okay bro.

Why did he lie to us about who he was? I don't know, let's just go talk to this guy, more okay! Thank you for letting us sit down with you olivia or uh.

I'm sorry! What's your name? Chad, chad, right uh! So can you tell us why you reached out to us and why you catfished us listen.

I only captured you guys because I watched your videos.

You only go to girls houses.

What is he talking about? I really don't see what you mean whatever but being serious.

I need your guys's help.

There's this weird old lady stalking me and she won't leave me alone.

Well, listen, chad! It would be one thing if you contacted us about this initially, but you totally lied about who you were.

How do you expect us to take you seriously come on be real man.

Do you really think a girl like that will meet up with guys, like you dude? What what I'm kidding? Can't you guys like a joke? Okay, well, if you're not gonna, be respectful towards us, then we're just gonna leave, wait really come on no wait guys.

I really need your help.

Look this woman's been stalking me she's, been coming to my house.

I think she's trying to get in okay uh.

What does this woman look like? I don't know she looked messed up.

I think something happened to her.

What I think she was in an accident or something I don't know if she's just a crazy lady trying to break into my house or you know, uh, I don't know what you know, maybe she's into me.

I mean come on right, uh! Listen! If you actually want us to help you then you're gonna need a lot of setup cameras in your house tonight.

No problem, buddy! Okay! Well, you can go to bed.

If you want uh we're gonna go talk come on chester, okay! Dude! Do you seriously think we should be staying in this guy's house? I don't know at this point I feel like we have to what why we don't know where that girl was standing outside and this guy catfished us.

You can't tell me that you want to help him yeah.

This guy lied to us and he's annoying, but I think he actually might be getting stalked yeah and if this lady stalking him is as dangerous as he says, then we aren't safe here bro.

We gotta find out more about the situation regardless of everything.

If this guy's in danger, then there's nothing.

That's going to make me not want to help good looks boys we're going to catch this crazy old bag.


Are you right? Yeah, I'm fine uh, I'm just gonna go start setting up some cameras.

All right, I'm gonna go check something! Okay, so I want to see if the girl I saw earlier is still there hello.

Can you hear me? Do you need help? What is this is everything? Okay? What's the problem dude, I just saw that girl from earlier something pulled her into the woods.


What girl you mean olivia, no, the girl from earlier dude olivia's, not real, listen, I think, there's something bad out! There wait really yeah! I just saw it there's something dangerous in the woods.

Dude just drop it we're trying to focus on what's going on inside of this house.

This isn't a wizard video, wait.

What I already set up some cameras, let's go put one in chad's room and go to bed come on dude, okay! Let's stop in this guy's door.

Get the hell out.

What did he say? I'm just playing fellas come on in okay.

Thank you, bro.

What lucky? I wasn't changing in here.

You sissies would probably like that what all right so chad, we set up cameras all over your house.

Uh, we're gonna watch the footage in the morning and we can see if that old.

Lady comes back.

Oh you bad! You bet, uh, hey, but listen! You might not want to watch the footage from my room tomorrow.

I might have a bend over oh come on.

You got to be joking me.

What you jealous you poops, don't get no [ __ ] I've seen y'all, sharing that bed dude.

What listen? We don't want to cause any problems, I'm just trying to tell you that we set up these cameras, so we can watch the footage and what's up bro, now I'm not doing anything.

I might have a [ __ ] later.

What about you all right! You want to know what this is ridiculous.

Yeah come on.

I know right bro.

Are you all right? What was that about dude? You know what that was about, since we got here.

This guy has done nothing but disrespect us disrespecting me huh he's not taking this seriously.

This is all just a big joke to him, I'm beginning to think that this guy is not in any danger at all.

Listen now he's smashing stuff in there and screaming.

You know what I'm gonna go say: something bro! Why chad listen! I've had enough of your behavior.

You have no respect for me.

You have no respect for my friend and frankly, the words you use to refer to woman.

Disgust me this guy can't even look me in the eye right now.

You think he's too afraid to talk.

Well, I don't know yeah, that's what I thought stay silent, coward.

Okay, let's go back to our room uh hold on.

I want to check something.

Okay, so I'm gonna check outside again uh.

I guess she's gone.

Who are you? Okay, dude? I just saw that lady really wait who dude the old lady who's been stalking him.

I just saw her by the window.

She wanted me to let her in and did you no, but she looked messed up.

I think she came from the woods dude.

Why do you keep bringing up the woods because I think, there's something dangerous out there? We need to leave now.

Listen, I don't care about the woods.

I don't even know why you're telling me this huh I've had a long day dealing with this guy.

I just hope I wasn't too hard on him.

What that doesn't matter.

I'm saying I just saw this guy stalk her and I think that girl from earlier was her daughter, you're right.

I had to be that hard on him because he was being disrespectful.

I imagine he's super embarrassed right now.

Let's just go to sleep, we can deal with this guy more in the morning.

What no bro come on fine good night, hey hello, uh uh, so come on.

Dude stop dude come on.

I don't want to play footsie right now.

Oh wait.

What are you doing? Something's touching my foot? Wait.

What what is that dude? I think there's something down here.

What do you mean? Oh I got you come on.

Let's go dude! What the hell was that thing it was huge.

I don't know, do you think they think took olivia what dude I told you olivia's, not you wanna know what never mind.

Let's just go home good idea.

Maybe she sent us an email, let's go home and check what dude wait.

Wait up! Thank you guys for watching this video.

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What happened to life of luxury? ›

Life of luxury is currently a production company called Luxury productions org.

What can I watch life of luxury on? ›

Life of Luxury
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life of luxury chester is a furry|TikTok Search.

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'Life of Luxury' stars Parker Hajiaskari and Chester Beckington have been longtime friends since childhood.

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