Life Is Strange Forget Me Not (2023)


  • Jul 23, 2023 · LIFE IS STRANGE: FORGET-ME-NOT #1 will arrive in stores on December 13th, 2023, and available to order in the upcoming October edition of ...


2. Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not Expands the Critically ... - IGN

  • Sep 11, 2023 · Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not #1 is priced at $3.99 and will be released on December 13, 2023.

  • The Life Is Strange saga is expanding again in the form of Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not, a comic series set after the events of True Colors. heck out our exclusive cover art reveal.

3. Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not #1 Preview - League of Comic Geeks

  • Alex and Steph take Lily under their wing, to uncover the truth of what she's running from. But there's more to Lily than meets the eye, as she struggles ...

  • Get your first look at Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not #1 from Zoe Thorogood and Claudia Leonardi, published by Titan Books

4. New Life Is Strange comic Forget-Me-Not teases a ...

  • 8 days ago · A new comic based on the beloved narrative adventure game series Life Is Strange begins in December from Titan Comics.

  • Preview | Eisner Award-winner Zoe Thorogood is writing the new series

5. FIRST LOOK: Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not #1 - Major Spoilers

  • 1 day ago · Titan Comics sent Major Spoilers an early look at Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not #1 by Zoe Thorogood, Claudia Leonardi, and Andrea Izzo.

  • Titan Comics sent Major Spoilers an early look at Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not #1 by Zoe Thorogood, Claudia Leonardi, and Andrea Izzo.

6. Titan Announces “Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not” - Multiversity Comics

  • Jul 24, 2023 · Titan Comics have announced a new Life is Strange comic book series, “Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not,” written by Zoe Thorogood with art by ...

  • Writer Zoe Thorogood will team up with Claudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo for a new volume of the Life is Strange comic, continuing the story of True Colors this December.

7. True Colors expands with Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not graphic novel

  • 7 days ago · FORGET-ME-NOT introduces two fan-favorite characters from LIFE IS STRANGE: TRUE COLORS to the unique Titan Comics timeline. Psychic empath ...

  • Life is strange like that

8. Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not by Zoe Thorogood

  • Alex Chen returns in this graphic novel sequel to the award-winning videogame Life is Strange: True Colors, written by rising star Zoe Thorogood.

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