One of several videos by the YouTube channel RANKLIN BASS HOLIDAY FILMS that were almost completely lost when the channel was terminated by Rankin Bass for copywrite infringement. Before deletion, the channel had 14 videos on it and had a total of 14k subscribers.

Just like most of the other videos on the channel, the thumbnail was a zoomed in photo of the DVD cover with red text saying the name of the video at the bottom of the image. The video had a few thousand views, and a moderate amount of likes.

The video begins with a black screen with white text in the middle of the screen saying RANKLIN BASS, with RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER below that, and with 1964 below the other two bits of white text. This appears for a total of five seconds, before cutting to black. The movie starts soon after the black screen.

During one of the newspapers about the blizzard (the last one to be exact), the video suddenly degrades like a VHS tape, before showing a image of a different newspaper. It's a article about a strange deer-like cryptid in the forests of Wisconsin, and the image shows a mutilated deer with one of its eyes popped out of its sockets and a creepy grin on its face in a snowy forest at night. The video degrades once again, and the movie continues on as normal.

The next bit of distortion is when Sam the Snowman says "I don't know what we would've done without Rudolph to pull us through." The video degrades again, and the movie skips forward to Sam telling the audience to "pull up a ice block". There is no hidden image this time.

Towards the end of the opening credits, a warning from the National Weather Service about a snowstorm cuts off the music as a red bar and text appears at the top of the screen.

Whenever Rudolph's nose starts glowing in the beginning of the movie, the video distorts and glows a shade of red as the audio distorts as well. The sounds of people screaming can be heard in the background faintly. When Rudolph's nose glows when he sees Santa, the video distorts into footage of someone walking through a snowy forest, before going back to the video with another bit of distortion. The video stops bugging out as bad as it was before whenever Rudolph's nose glows from now on.

During the scene in Santa's castle with Hermey and the Head Elf, when he says he doesn't like to make toys, the Head Elf just says "what?! You don't like to make toys?" instead of the whole thing he usually does. He also seem to meaner than in the actual movie, punching Hermey when he gets up for his ten minute break, giving him a black eye and a bloody nose as well as making him lose a few teeth. Hermey looks terrified as the Head Elf's shadow towers over him. He berates him as usual (though with a added "you misfit!" at the end of it) before walking away. Hermey gets back on his seat and paints.

And then things get very... bizarre.

As Hermey is painting his train car, sounds of the Head Elf and the others berating him from before and in the later scene in his room play with a echo effect applied to them. The scene is silent apart from those voices, and the light gradually leaves the room (except for a small spotlight above him) until all that can be seen is Hermey painting his wooden train car. He starts to get angrier and angrier as the voices start to overlap and repeat themselves, until finally, he snaps.

Hermey stops painting the toy and reaches below the table and picks up something. When he brings it up, it's revealed to be a mallet, which he uses to strike the train car with repeatedly. The screen stays on Hermey as he angrily smashes the train, the video and audio distorting every time he does so. After the final hit with the mallet, the voices suddenly stop and the camera zooms in on the train car, which has now been reduced to a pile of wood and splinters. Then the scene fades out to Sam the Snowman as per usual.

During the scene in which Rudolph laments his glowing nose, a voice with a reversed echoing effect says "oh, but you DO fit in, Rudolph" to him, interrupting his song. Rudolph looks over, and we see Rudolph's point of view, showing a mutilated version of Fireball struggling to stand and smiling at him eerily. One strange thing to note is that, besides the fact that it's still snowing (albeit in a different way than before), the mutilated Fireball looks like the disturbing cryptid from before. Fireball vanishes into the darkness of the forest as Rudolph continues to look at him.

Rudolph: "Wait! Where did you go? I have so many things to ask you!"

The mutilated Fireball raises one of his legs and beckons to him with it as the voice from before says "come on and follow me." It cuts back to Rudolph as he lays downs his nose covering down carefully and walks after the mutilated Fireball. The camera focuses on him stepping on it with one of his hind legs. As he follows the creepy creature, the sky gets darker and darker and the snow falls harder and harder.

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